Virtual Assistant

What makes a good executive assistant is the ability to listen, communicate and anticipate their client’s needs. Everyone wants to work with proactive and resourceful people.

I am a great listener and communicator with experience as an Executive Assistant.
I provide exceptional services to my clients such as project management, authoring surveys and data entry, expense tracking and creating meeting agendas and travel itinerary.

In the past, I managed clients’ emails and calendars, prepared a travel pack presentation which can be suited for use at any time. I conducted an internet research on “The 10 biggest cities in California” and accurately converted the data collected into graphics and also authored surveys.

Sometime in 2019, I collaborated with other volunteers to plan and successfully execute outreaches. gathering data of about 1000 women who attended and were empowerment in the course of the outreaches.

Gathered and submitted data of about 1000 women who attended and were empowerment in the course of the outreaches.

As an executive assistant/front desk, I attended to difficult customers and created an efficient strategy to meet their needs and keep them satisfied and authored “How do we treat you better in 2013” Questionnaire in December, 2012 which not only increased the company’s efficiency, but also increased customer satisfaction and sales.
I also managed inventory and stock and had very encouraging feedback

I completed an honors certification focused on Virtual Assistance and Microsoft Office.

My goal is to be a part of your success story, create value and make your life easier with both my soft and technical skills.

I would love to connect with you soonest to discuss my unique qualities and how much I can do for you.


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