Virtual Assistant

My name is Danique, a tech-savvy and eloquently virtual freelancer who provides virtual assistance services tailored to YOU.
The services I render is inclusive of but not limited to:
Social Media Management
Administrative Support
Email Management
Calendar Management
Customer Care
Graphic Designing
Document Creation
Phone Support
Chat Support
Appointment Setting/ Scheduling
And as a bonus, if you need a voice actor to take your brand to the next level, I’m your ‘gal’.
My hours are flexible as you are passionate about your business which makes me passionate about you.
The benefits of my services are palpable, you can see and feel them!
Give your self-time to focus on what is of most important in your business and I will the support to help propel and bring your vision to life.
Is there a service that you are looking for that isn’t listed? There is simply no amount of space to capture what I can do for you, so let’s talk about it today. At a time most convenient to you, lets hop on a brief 20–30-minute call to discuss more details as to how I can be your next remote support professional.

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