Executive Assistant

I have over 4 years working experience as an executive assistant in startups. I enjoy working for startups as it gives me the opportunity to be a part of the most foundational and pivotal years of a business. I get the chance to work across multiple departments and tasks. I am a very curious person and have varied interests and skill sets. My experiences in start-ups have been the best of my years. I worked for an entertainment business based in the UK where i handled booking of gigs and shows for artists as well as booking flights and hotels for travels. I have also worked for a private equity firm in the US where i begun as an executive assistant that handled email management, contract drafting and supervising as well as monitoring stock and options trading in real-time. Both roles being in different industries gave me opportunities to acquire in-depth knowledge about industry standards and executive management styles across areas of interest i have always been curious about. I am always very intentional about the industries and roles i take up as i aspire to get the best and most relevant knowledge through industry experience.

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