Virtual Assistant from Trinidad and Tobago - Proficient in Administrative Support and More

For a basic social media management role with a monthly salary of $200, the responsibilities might be limited, but the focus can still be on key tasks. Here’s a simplified list:

1. Content Creation:
– Develop simple and engaging content for social media posts.

2. Scheduling and Posting:
– Plan and schedule a few posts per week across social media channels.

3. Audience Engagement:
– Respond to basic comments and messages on social media platforms.

4. Social Media Monitoring:
– Monitor social media channels for basic mentions and engagement.

5. Profile Optimization:
– Ensure social media profiles are updated and complete.

6. Basic Reporting:
– Provide simple reports on post performance and engagement.

7. Stay Informed:
– Stay aware of basic trends and updates on major social media platforms.

8. Community Building:
– Foster basic interactions within the community around the brand.

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