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Dear Hiring Manager,
As an ambitious professionalsim, it is my mission to team with a company that shares my dedication .To growth and advancement so it is with great enthusiasm that I forward my application for the position of the company . After 1 year in a business processing outsourcing /freelancing positions. I will bring a passion for creating solutions and a passion for innovation through team collaboration.
After achieving success in previous customer service positions, I am now prepared to put my skills to use for an organization that will put them to good use. Helping customers, fixing their problems, and keeping them as clients are all areas in which specialists shine. It is my responsibility as the virtual assistant to make sure that everything functions smoothly. I help clients like yourself with administrative tasks from afar as part of my role here. My responsibilites include providing assistance via chat and email, answering and making outgoing calls, scheduling meetings, and managing incoming and outgoing correspondence. As a general virtual assistant, I use Canva to edit photos and make basic graphics. I am commited to the success of my clients and will stop at nothing to ensure that their e-commerce platform and other revenue generators are staffed with hardworking individuals who are enthusiasm about their work and can bring in as much money as possible while maintaining high standards of customer satisfaction. Keeping my clients on track to meet their deadlines is a key part of my job. As an added service, I offer my clients superior, 24/7 online ministerial support. I’d like to earn your trust and the trust of your company by presenting the winning strategies I’ve developed. If there was any way you could give me a chance, that would be fantastic. I’ve also always been curious about the inner workings of the office computer. I always keep an eye out for novel approaches that can help the firm strengthen its position in the market.
Other qualities I posses are :
*Excellent Written and Communication Skills
*Wide range of expertise in the customer / technical service support
*Great leader and motivator for the team
*Quick learner and can work with anyone and any way I can
*A team player that can work with anyone and any way I can
*Having the right business mindset and very professional

Feliejoy Talledo Momo

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