Virtual Assistant - Project Management, Admin, Copywriting, Simple Video Editing.

Hello! I am Chika, a 27-year-old who happens to be at the crossroads between the Millennial and Gen-Z generations (the classification I belong to depends on which website you’re reading :D).

I graduated with a marketing degree, a major I didn’t choose, but the stars guided me well, and I happened to enjoy learning (almost) everything about it.

After graduating, I worked from agency to agency until recently, when I chose to work as a freelancer. As a freelancer, the main services that I offer are project management, strategy planning, social media management, copywriting, basic video editing, administrative tasks, and creating presentation deck. My clients range from content creator (micro to mega level followers), and agencies to small business owners. I mostly help with social media, e-commerce, and strategy pitching.


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