Administrative Assistant

I worked as a Cost Analyst, Liaison Officer, and Team Admin for the past 3 years in a System Integrator company here in the Philippines. Cost Analyst was the job that challenged me in many ways, collecting and analyzing all financial information for the preparation of the proposal to be submitted to our clients. I enjoyed this job because I can work with different people, engineers are the ones who provide the Service Engineering assumptions and Bill of materials and the quantities, by these requirements I can now start the computation of the proposal. The account manager gives me the intel of the client, and lastly our foreign and local suppliers whom you can negotiate with the bulk orders of the equipment/services that we need to comply with the requirements of the clients.
Besides that, I am also a Liaison Officer for National Telecommunication Commission, a government company here in the Philippines. My previous company also sell radios, routers, sim cards, etc. And we all know that before we sell those kinds of products they should be Type Approved and safe to use. I am the one who works with the NTC to provide all the requirements they needed to proceed with the type approval certificate of a certain product so that our company can sell the product to our clients. I am also the one who prepares the Licenses and permits to purchase of the radio to use and sell legally here in the Philippines.
Lastly, while doing the costing and liaising job I am also a Team Admin. For me, Administrative Assistant was a very important role that I enjoyed the most. I am responsible for clerical tasks, file organizing, uploading all team proposals, bid documents in our system which are NAV and records management, and scheduling appointments and meetings. Helping and assisting my team member, especially my boss.
Doing 3 jobs in 1 company was a great experienced. I am very thankful to my previous company because I improved a lot. Being flexible, very good in multi-tasking, time management, analyzing, and being keen on details. I also improved my communication skills, I am now a team player.

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