Real Estate Virtual Assistant

I am Francis, I have been a Virtual assistant in Real Estate Industry.
In that job I learned and developed my skills at:
Social Media Management and administrative skills.
* I Design and Create Content
* I have 6 Years of experience as a Facebook Page manager
* I Can Manage your Social Media Accounts
* I Studied SEO which I learned the basics and am still willing to learn more
* I know How to use Google Forms, Spreadsheets, and Google Documents
Microsoft offices like excel and word.
* I do Data Entries
* I am familiar with Hubspot CRM, Liondesk, BossUpDesk and can Learn other CRM that you are using.
* I Know How to Create and Manage WordPress Websites
.* I’m used to working at Night or in different Time Zone
* I am Excellent at Multitasking and time management
And I am still willing to learn more and train to develop my skills in this Industry. As your VA

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