Virtual Assistant: Sales, Surveys, Research, Reports, Social Media and Communications

A Bachelor of Science in ecology and human/ cultural systems, experienced project manager and social media manager, events coordinator and fluent English – conversational French speaker, my determination and self-starting mentality have achieved me a great deal of experience in a short space of time. My highly personable nature is often referenced in regard to my success and efficiency, making life easier for clients and dealing with an often high profile clientele with ease.

My written output is impeccable, and am able to produce transcripts. I am proficient in tech, having previous experience with many complex software, often self-taught, in addition to Microsoft etc., am artistic enough to have designed many posters, leaflets and social media accounts to a good standard, and thrive when researching. This is why my output is always of the highest quality, whether it be speech writing, survey/ questionnaire design (or more complex research design relating to human and environmental sciences), data analysis, critical analysis, and health and safety reports.

Nonetheless, I have a great deal of experience perfecting more mundane tasks such as data entry and bookkeeping, and also as a communicator, locating, contacting and socialising clientele, organising schedules and meetings, and so on. I also have a certificate in Mental Health first aid.

I was scouted to work for a prominent political party In London earlier this year, which I declined on account of wanting to leave the UK. Hence, I am searching to find my first role as a VA from here in Phuket, where I can still provide the highest quality assistance from home while living on a much lower income.

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