Virtual Assistant | Consultant

I am Marinka and I am a highly motivated and organised individual who always pays attention to details and meets set deadlines.
With my experience as a manager in as well the Public as the Private sector, I always endeavour to completely reduce the stress for owner or management and help them hands off operations. I can fully control internal business processes, do strategic workload planning and ensure team productivity.

As a Virtual assistent I can help you in the following ways:
– Respond to incoming emails and phone calls
– Schedule meetings and organise your calendar
– Prepare spreadsheets, contactlist and and keep online records of relevant information
– Perform market research
– Create presentations and reports
– Create written content for websites
– Payroll management
– Accounting and budgeting

My skills:
* Organisational
* Flexible thinking
* Independent
* Teamplayer
* Strong communication
* Project Management
* Problem solving

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