Virtual Assistant

I have seven years of experience as an operations supervisor in the business outsourcing sector, and I’ve worked in a variety of business lines with a focus on the following:

1. Project management
2. Customer support (Voice, Non-Voice, & Email)
3. Email campaigns and automation
4. Quality assurance
5. Onboarding processes
6. Coaching and training management
7. Process development

Here is the link to my resume:

When it comes to weekly reporting, follow-up, and project follow-through where they are delegated, I have progressively more experience managing my time. Delivering good and exceptional service will help with this. With my expertise in a variety of fields, I am confident that my diverse background will be a benefit to your team because I have the interpersonal skills and business insight that are essential in this role.

I am inquisitive and committed to learning in all facets of my life. In my professional life, I look for the hardest problems to solve and where I can learn and develop the most. No matter what I’m working on, I’m very invested.

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