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My name is Christine Joy Tamayo.

I have some experience in marketing and sales and teaching. As my first employment, I was selling Smart and Globe prepaid communication sim cards and became an online sales agent and reseller selling a variety of goods online, including food, drinks, clothing, and appliances. Additionally, I have had my own small business, selling owned goods from the United States, South Korea, and Japan before the pandemic. Recently, an online freelance, real estate agent in Iloilo City, specializing in rural and urban properties and teaching English to foreigners including Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, and Taiwanese both online and offline at the same time managing different facebook business and community organization pages.

For you reference:

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I’ve learned during my career that I’ve always been effective at forging connections with individuals and completing duties assigned by various businesses I’ve worked with.
For instance, I was permitted to sell things outside of our corporate quota when I worked as a SIM card vendor. I was able to make the amount of money I anticipated thanks to the volume of sales of my food and beverage products, together with my used clothing. Additionally, I’ve sold a variety of appliances using my Facebook page named Katin Team Deals as well as new and assumed units that were posted to my House for Assume and Rentals Best Deals Facebook Page.

These experiences demonstrate to potential customers that despite being an amateur in this area, I’m skilled at persuasion and dealing with people from different backgrounds and cultures, and I always do my best to meet clients’ needs. Moving forward, I’m interested in your business since I intend to broaden my knowledge in other industries, especially as a virtual assistant.

I want to pursue a career path that is more in line with my passions and where I can learn new skills. One of my top options is to work in whatever suited vacant position in your good company.

My strength:

When it comes to managing tasks and resolving customer-related issues, I consider myself to be quite trustworthy. With my degree of responsibility and independence to complete the tasks given to me without bias, you can depend on me to move forward with my projects promptly. In addition, I’m a great communicator when it comes to making proposals and doing product demonstrations. I always make sure that my clients are at ease using whatever communication method. By exerting extra effort to complete duties, discover answers, and address potential client difficulties, I am resourceful and proactive as well.
I can multitask by keeping things going forward and managing several clients without feeling rushed. I consider myself to be reasonably organized, especially when it comes to maintaining a solid schedule, setting priorities, and working quickly. I am particularly tech-savvy. I have produced a lot of visual content for my online businesses and gigs because designing graphics and photos using Canva software and other necessary tools is my hobby. By using different software, I can quickly study and increase my knowledge, and I’m eager to learn more in the future with your company’s assistance.

You can contact me:
Email: [email protected]
Skype: live:.cid.73c3e40f8cc54ab1

I hope to hear from you soon!

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