Virtual Assistant

Blend – Israel based freelance translation company Translator
Worked on multiple translation projects for Tencent translating their video games into English. These projects consisted of taking broken English text and translating them to high quality, polished, video game terminology text to be used in the final version of the

Private client based in United Kingdom
Virtual Assistant
Virtual assistant for a woman working as a safeguarding specialist, my tasks ranged from personal to business. Here is a list of what my main role consisted of:
• Oversaw personal and professional calendars and coordinated appointments for future
• Exceeded goals through effective task prioritization and great work ethic
• Use critical thinking to break down problems, evaluate solutions and make decisions
• Displayed absolute discretion in handling confidential information
• Produced accurate office files and updated spreadsheets
• Responded to emails
• Arranged domestic and international travel plans and itineraries
• Transcription and proofreading

Serenity River Bali
Villa manager
Responsible for managing a 10 room villa with a team of 10 staff.
Responsibilities included:
• Oversight and scheduling of 10 staff including; cleaners, chefs, gardeners and handymen
Basic budgeting, finance and accounting
• Upkeep of villa finances including; bills, staff payments and unexpected costs.
Finding clients and attending to their needs and wants for the duration of their stay

Our boys and girls Australia
Worked alone or in a team serving food and drinks at private events. This included:
• Highest level presentation of food and drinks
• Preparation and pack down whilst working in conjunction with the kitchen and event
Clients for whom I’ve worked for include:
Grey Goose

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