Software engineer

– Front-end Development:
• Proficient in building interactive and responsive user interfaces using React.js and Angular.
• Strong understanding of modern front-end development practices, including state management with Redux or Context API, and component-based architecture.
• Skilled in optimizing front-end performance and ensuring a smooth user experience across different devices and browsers.
• Experienced in developing Business app based on SAPUI5 and SAP HANA

– Back-end Development:
• Experienced in building RESTful APIs and server-side applications using Node.js and Express.js.
• Proficient in TypeScript for enhanced type safety and code maintainability.
• Familiar with database design and management, particularly with NoSQL databases like MongoDB and SQL databases like PostgreSQL.
• Experienced in building backend service using Headless CMS/BaaS like Directus

– Full-stack Development:
• Skilled in integrating front-end and back-end systems to create cohesive web applications.
• Experience with server-side rendering (SSR) and static site generation (SSG) using Next.js for improved performance and SEO.
• Knowledgeable in microservices architecture and API design principles for building scalable and modular applications.

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