Social Media Branding

Social Media, in recent times, has become a Business’s most influential and crucial tool. It is one of the most practical and cost-effective ways to manage a Brand or Business.

One key to crushing it is Branding.

You may have started your Business on Social Media but have yet to do your Branding, or you may have started but are not comfortable with what you have.

You’ve tried to do it yourself, or maybe you hired a designer, but you still can’t get that feeling you want.

Your Business has a story to tell, and you deserve captivating visuals and the proper positioning that tells that story with CONFIDENCE.

My job is to help you with your Business, to present your story in a way that shows creativity and meaning and, in return, sets you apart from your competition.

I can help you achieve this with the “THRIVE & INFLUENCE CONTENT KIT (TICK).”

With this kit, you get the following:

– Logo Design (Optional, not included in price)

– A strategy session (to learn more about your Brand/Business to help us tell your story better.)

– Social Media Optimization and Bio Creation (Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter).

– 7 editable custom-designed story templates for (Facebook and Instagram).

– 9 editable custom-designed post templates (Instagram, Facebook).

– 6 Instagram highlights Cover.

– 5 Cover images for TikTok and Instagram Reels.

– 4 Seasonal profile image designs.

– 5 Pinterest custom-editable templates for pin posts.

– 8 edit-and-past custom Canva image presets to match your brand style and feel.

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