RN | Admin/Medical Virtual Assistant | QA | Transcription & Show Notes

I’m a nurse with 5+ years experience handling US healthcare accounts. My previous roles included Quality Assurance and Quality Control (utilization review), Medical Transcription, and as an Appeals and Denials Nurse.

I have worked with clinicians, patients, insurance companies and other stakeholders to ensure that they have all of the information they need to make informed decisions regarding options while at the same time offering solutions.

I have worked in the medical field in various capacities, including quality assurance and audits. I am also responsible for ensuring that the medical documentation as well as requests for treatment authorization are appropriately reviewed based on protocols and procedures, state guidelines and evidence-based criteria.

In addition to those, I have prior experience in general transcription and also performing other administrative tasks. I have been a transcriber (audio, video, scanned image, PDF, handwritten notes to text)/typist since 2010 for private companies and various websites.

I am looking for a long-term job in an organization that offers not only great pay, but also the opportunity to grow within the company as my career progresses.

Experiences in:
– Transcription (General, Medical, Business, Legal, Podcast, etc.)
– Transcript Proofreading & Editing
– Correction and Editing of Automated Transcripts from TEMI, OTTER, etc.
– Transcript Conversion, Creation of Podcast Show Notes and Meeting Summaries
– Data Entry
– Quality Assurance and Audits
– Utilization Review
– Medical Documentation
– Administrative Support
– Records Upkeep

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