Right/Left Brain VA

Hello! Are you a Solopreneur/Small Business that is overwhelmed with the plethora of tasks that it takes to keep up with your business/passion?

Let me help – I’m equal parts creative and techy. I have a honed design eye as well as a strong aptitude and appetite for learning software.

I bring 10+ years’ experience to the table. In July of 2010,

I left my corporate job to run my virtual assistance businesses full time. Owning my own business has given me years of experience in online innovation – to do business in the past two decades it was essential to keep up with the ever changing online landscape.
My corporate experience was with a single company working in a variety positions including process improvement, project coordination, business analyst, software system setup/administration. The 10 years of my corporate track was working remotely via telecommuting. Mostly working with an Australian company in various capacity.
I thrive learning software, systems, and embracing change. Innovation is my happy place, and I see it as a form of creativity.

I want to learn the overall big picture of your business and understand your pain points. I excel at identifying ways I can assist and/or streamline the parts of your business that bring you less joy so that you can focus on the areas that energize you and move your business forward.

I’m a bit obsessed with creating business systems and harnessing the amazing tools for online automation that fit your business and will keep it humming without taking over your

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