Project Manager - Virtual Assistant - HR Assistant

I am Siera, a highly organized and attentive project manager, and virtual assistant from Iowa!

– Project Manager
– Virtual Assistant
– Personal Assistant
– HR Assistant
– Billing and Payroll

With 4 years of office assistant/virtual assistant experience and 2 year of project management experience, I am confident in my skills to help take your business to the next level! I am extremely detail-oriented and have excellent time management skills.

Going from office assistant to virtual assistant, I learned how to be very independent and work well on my own. With that being said, I also work very well with others and love to assist and collaborate in any way that I can. My organizational and planning skills allow me to stick to the tasks at hand and complete them in a timely manner every time. This also allows me to help you in scheduling different parts of your day, events, and travel very well. I have very good written and verbal communication and pay very close attention to detail in all the work that I complete.

Working as a project manager increased my skillset even more as I overlooked every project going on within the company and had to learn to juggle many different tasks at once. With many different projects going on at one time, it was very important for me to keep to-do lists and become even more organized with my work. This also allowed me to communicate with so many different people in many different ways. Hitting an important deadline is something that gives me so much pride! In this roll, I handled all of the HR duties including payroll, billing, invoicing, training, and scheduling.

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