Project Manager | business analyst | scrum master

Let me give a brief about myself. I have completed a bachelors degree in software engineering and my Masters in project management. I have worked with 3 companies so far one of them was a fully functional organisation with hierarchy system and the rest of two were startups. In my entire career of almost 4 years I have developed websites and apps, also I have done the Quality assurance of the work that was done by the team I work with. I also handled the customers queries because when one works in a startup they have to wear all the possible hats they can to make the things work. I also took interviews for the open positions. I managed team by being a scrum master and project manager mainly and also help with business analyses for every requirement that was brought up either by client or by customer.I majorly do the project management from feasibility study for planning till the closing of project. Looking forward to you guys if I can help any of you in your businesses. Thanks in advance 🙂

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