Personal Assistant / Social Media Manager

Do you want to free up your time so you may pursue your passions? Do you wish to get rid of all the time-consuming duties that you must complete in order to keep your business afloat? Look no further. I’ve got your back.
Let me help you handle all the excessive time-consuming tasks on your plates so that you can focus on what’s important: spending quality time with your family and focusing more on business matters.

Hi! I’m Melren and I’m happy to assist you. I am committed to serve my prospective clients with complete dedication. I developed my talents as a Social Media Manager and Virtual Assistant through a combination of self-study and substantial training from online coaching. I’m a self-starter, hardworking, determined, and dependable person that can work under minimal supervision.

Personal Assistant Services:
-Email Management
-Email Marketing
-Data Entry
-Lead Generation
-Calendar Management
-Travel Management
-File Management
-Records Keeping
-Events Planning
-Gift Buying
– Sending quotes and invoices
-Preparing reports and presentations
-Create Simple Budgeting
-Market Research
-Booking Appointments
-Scheduling Meetings
-Dinner Reservations

Social Media Management Services:
-Content Creation-Content Curation
-Caption Writing
-Copy Writing
-Create a Content Calendar
-Graphic Design
-Scheduling of posts
-Engage with audience (reply to comments and messages inquiries)
-Hashtag Research
-Weekly Social Media Report
-Social Media Audit
-Monitor Insights and Analytics

Tools and Software I Use:
-Asana, Notion, ClickUP, Trello, Airtable – for project management
-Tailwind, Hootsuite, Buffer, Metabusiness Suite – for scheduling posts
-Canva – for graphic design and photo editing
-Capcut- for video editing
-Lightroom- for photo editing
-Google Drive – for storing of files and sharing of files
-Mailchimp,Klaviyo – for creating email campaigns
-MS Word, Google Docs – for editing and creating documents
-Google Calendar – for scheduling meetings and events and serves a reminder for upcoming activities
-Calendly- for scheduling meetings, appointments and events
-Google Sheets, MS Excel – for editing, organizing, and analyzing different types of information
-MS PowerPoint – for creating presentations
-Slack- for communication with the team
-Dropbox – for easy access on sharing files and folders
-Zapier – for automation among other productivity apps
-Gravtag- for hashtag research

My goal is to use my knowledge and experience to make sure you are satisfied with my work and that your business grows. You may expect a well-organized content calendar and constant communication if you hire me. I enjoy being professional, and having me on your team or as a business partner will allow you to sit back and relax or focus on building your business while I tackle the monotonous and time-consuming responsibilities. My goal is to perform each assignment with sincerity and passion in order to provide outstanding results.

Feel free to send a message if we’re a good fit! 🙂

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