My Dream Job is to be a Virtual Assistant || Administrative Assistant || Law Develop || Social Media Manager || Communication & Marketing Experience

I consider myself an organized and responsible person, capable of resolving conflicting situations with humanity and empathy. From an early age, I entered the labor system with the desire to carry out various experiences. From this I have developed skills that have led me to improve my professional potential. I have carried out a multitude of cultural exchanges, some without monetary payment but rich in learning, such as volunteering in rural towns with approaches to permaculture in the construction of sustainable homes and on other occasions paid legal work abroad in large and high-profile companies during the breaks of my university days.
From this I have certified my English language, an international tool that has allowed my accelerated progress in the market. From those times I have developed a potential diction and I have become interested in copywriting and technical writing. At present I have had experiences in data entry, a sector where I have desire to continue on this constant path of learning. After all the researching I think I found my dream job is be a Virtual Assistant. That reunited all the things I honestly enjoy.

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