Virtual Assistant

Managing and initiating customer/user relationships.
Delivered pre-sales support and product presentations to prospective users.
Implementing the software and providing customised training to end-users based on their needs identified in the initial requirements gathering phase.
Onboarding new customers and offering continued support and service design.
Brainstorming ideas to target and solve a particular problem faced by target users whilst applying POPIA and HIPAA regulations.
Initiating projects through stakeholder interviews, documenting business and risk analysis and applying it to the project.
Assuring project alignment between stakeholders
Gathering and documenting project requirements with great attention to detail.
Documenting core specifications, functions and process flows to ensure the product meets the requirements.
Documenting project plan and business analysis whilst collaborating with product, development and compliance team to execute expected requirements.
Liaising with tech team regarding requirements.
Testing: Identifying product defects, reporting defects, re-testing, usability testing.
Assuring the system complies with regulatory compliance during the testing phase.
Database management
Usability Feedback, documenting feedback and communicating feedback with necessary teams
Writing and reviewing product documentation
Customer communication documentation
Creating training documentation for internal and external use
Documenting processes and procedures for the userbase as well as internal use
Ensured that all the appropriate documentation is in place as required by company policies as well as any external regulatory authorities
Following up with userbase to receive updated processes and documenting feedback received
Supporting end-users after deployment and implementation through responding to any technical and or usability questions they might have through systems like Freshdesk and Hubspot
Documenting these support SOP’s and ensuring processes and procedures are included in this documentation
Assisting with activities required to achieve and maintain compliance based on POPIA and HIPAA regulations as well as the NHA of South Africa
Experience working with:
Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel, slides

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