Medical writer/VA

Hello, are you looking for a creative, innovative and skillful medical Writer? You are at the right place.
I’m A highly motivated nursing graduate with over 2 years professional experience in nursing practice with a broad based experience covering a full spectrum of clinical duties in Critical care, nephrology, nursing management and desk duties including writing, conducting scientific research, data entry, transcription and proofreading.
A depth in assessing skills, facilitating and delivering assignments, health education trainings, coordinating and managing resources, monitoring and evaluating programs within stipulated guidelines and time frames.
I’m accurate, self driven and capable of delivering fast and high quality results in a wide range of services thus guaranteeing excellence.
As a highly responsible freelancer, I’m eager to explore potential collaborations with you! My key competencies include:
1. Professionalism.
2. Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
3. Effective managerial and leadership skills.
4. Time and task management.
5. Responsibility and accountability. 6. Cultural diversity oriented.
7. Attention to details.
My goal is to be an outstanding writer, educator, care giver and team player in the practice of both curative and preventive medicine within a challenging and rewarding environment and to contribute effectively to organizational success as well as broaden my knowledge and skills to tackle challenges facing health care system in the 21st century and beyond.

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