Marketing Oriented PolyMath VA

I am a polymath/multipotentialite former Marketing Agency Owner with proven expertise in fields valuable for B2C and B2C Marketing companies and entrepreneurs:

• Marketing strategy creation: Goals, buyer persona, channels and funnels definition
• Content Marketing Strategy Creation
• Copywriting (Spanish & English): SEO, Blogging, Adv. copy, Sales pitch, Stories, Essays & books
• Branding & Naming: Brand creation, Logo, corporate identity, power phrases & slogans
• Marketing-wise Motion graphics (2d Animation, video edition): Infographics, video clips, commercial videos, cartoons
• Product Design: Buyer persona, naming, description, graphic and UX design
• Marketing-wise Graphic Design: Brochures, Posters, UX, Web, Emails, social media, etc.
• Webdesign (20+ years of experience specialist): Structure, Marketing Strategy Integration, Copywriting, Design, conversion & Product Description
• SEO: On-site Optimization, content creation, Off-Site activities, Backlinks generation
• Audio & Music: music composition, audio edition, mixing and mastering.
• Training: I have developed didactic skills and methods to teach about the matters I have experience with

I love Content marketing since it’s an opportunity to create value while creating brand awareness and connections; content marketing is the last hope of keeping the soul while doing business.

Check my portfolio at

I am currently working as a polymath marketing producer for in France, I’ve been responsible for activities such as: Branding, copywriting, SEO, Web Design, 2d and video, campaign creation, Brochures, Datasheets, Stands design, etc.

I am interested in collaborating monthly with an enterprise that understands and take advantage of a profile like mine.

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