Laravel | VueJS | CodeIgniter PHP Web Framework

Being a highly skilled PHP developer and consultant of having over 6 years of experience. I have finished MORE THAN 50 Codignator Projects successfully with great feedback. I have developed a variety of software and websites.

Back-End Development:

PHP 7.3, MVC (Laravel & CodeIgniter) & WordPress, Templating engine(Twig & Blade), Database (MySQL & MariaDB, MongoDB), Debugging (xdebug), RESTful API With Authentication, Oauth 2.0

• Front-End Development
• HTML/CSS/JavaScript
• HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery, DOM, Bootstrap 3/4/5 , Tailwind CSS, GeoLocation, Google Map,Google Distance Matrix, Firebase, Web notifications, AJAX & Rest-APIs, ECMAScript 6, Cross Browser, NPM-Yarn

My expertise are in following areas:

✔Email Template

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