Customer Experience Manager

Delivers exceptional customer service globally.

Entrepreneurs scaled their businesses nationwide. One edge of a business owner towards another is providing quality service 24/7. Customers are from different parts of the world and with that being said, you need someone to attend to your customers’ needs any time of the day, may it be inquiries or assistance.

Here are the things that I can help you with:

*Customer Retention
*Database Management
*Data Entry
*Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool Maintenance
*Social Media Moderation
*Content Curation
*Scheduling posts
*Run ads
*Set Weekly/Monthly Campaign
*Customer Management
*Customer Service (through email/chat/phone)
*Escalations Management
*Order Management
*Order Fulfillment

… these are just some of the tasks that I have applied to my previous clients and jobs.

°Kustomer Tool
°Google Workspace
°Mucrosoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
°Adobe Photoshop
°Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook

I am a fast learner that possesses a can do attitude. I aim to make people’s life easier, for me, our customers and for you so we can focus more to things that really matters.

I have been in the Customer Service industry for 4 years in total of both office based and work from home setup.

What are you waiting for? Hire Me!

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