Community manager and moderator

I’m a skilled community manager and naturally gifted communicator with 2+ years of working with thousands of players all over the world and carrying over 6 years of experience in digital marketing on international markets.

Here’s what I can help you with:

– Composing marketing/PR copy for Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Steam News, and Discord servers; FAQ/Help section and other support materials in English, Portuguese and Russian languages.
– Coordination of social media presence: Discord server growth, Facebook engagement growth services, Twitter follow-ups and industry-related threads following, etc.
– Social media user engagement and research. User feedback collection and analysis to guide future features development; dedicated questionnaires and deep interviews; interactive and unique means to engage players; highly conclusive Google Data Studio reports.
– Community barometer: Assistance with the production and guidance of features based on community feedback, previous reactions, and predicted outcomes.
– Data reporting: Analytical work on social media posts to prioritize well-received content.

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