Your go-to VA, Sales, Customer Service & Admin Support

My name is Flora Bell, I have over 17 years of experience in administrative support, working as a PA, in customer service and
I enjoy working with dynamic, fast-paced start-ups and with entrepreneurs. I am dedicated to looking after others, ensuring
your lives and businesses can run as smoothly as possible. I want to simplify your life by freeing up your time and budget so
you can focus on the growth of your business and a more balanced lifestyle!

Have you got too many spinning plates and need some help?!
I am here to problem solve and streamline your business by freeing up your time and putting processes in place for the
smooth running of your business and life. I want to help you be more efficient, grow your business exponentially, and allow
you to have more of a life outside of work. You can now delegate your tasks to me while you focus on other opportunities or
more specialised tasks. Therefore, the days of being overwhelmed and unable to focus are behind you. Cutting monotonous
activities and tasks that require skills you may lack from your schedule frees up your time. This, therefore, allows you to focus
fully on your core business work, which may make you feel more creative and motivated, leading to greater productivity. I can
manage your to-do list, and your business calendar, keep your files updated and systematised, remind you of important tasks,
deal with emails, research certain topics, create basic reports, and even prepare your slideshows for a business meeting or
course and much much more!

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