Rockstar Virtual Assistant | Seasoned Customer Service Representative

I’m an Admin Virtual Assistant for a Real Estate Company with Data Entry and Email Management with 2 years of experience.

I am skilled in but not limited to:
• Communicating with clients over the phone and via email
• Customer Service (5+ years of customer service for international clients)
• CRM Management
• Email and Chat Support
• Basic Graphic Design using Canva
• Handling VAs
• Doing HR-related tasks

Tools that I am familiar with:
✓ Slack
✓ Freshdesk
✓ Basecamp
✓ Zoom | Google Meet
✓ Canva
✓ FollowUp Boss
✓ Calendly
✓ Ring Central
✓ Dialpad
✓ Zillow
✓ Vimeo
✓ Google Apps (Docs, Sheet, Slides, Calendar)
✓ Microsoft Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

An experienced professional who has worked with clients from all over the world. I am always focused on my client’s needs from start to finish. I listen attentively to my clients and then communicate throughout the project/working week to ensure I deliver what they need.

I am committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction.

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