YouTube Thumbnail EXPERT Wanted


We are an international agency with several YouTube channels in the CRIME NICHE. Herefore, we are looking for an experienced thumbnail EXPERT who knows how important thumbnails are. We have a coach who knows the drill.

You have EXTENDED experience with YouTube thumbnails, you know what works, you know how to get a CTR of a minimum 12%. We work with Midjourney and with Canva, but could use some EXPERT to take our channel to the next level.

Every thumbnail will be reviewed, so quality has to be top-notch. You know what works and what doesn’t!

– Having an extended portfolio (Will only review review requests with portfolio)
– You know how thumbnails work and how you get millions of clicks
– Photo manipulations
– Photoshop skills
– Storytelling thumbnails
– Good communicator
– Know how to handle feedback

We are looking for that one expert in the long run, someone who wants to grow with us. Please add ‘EXPERT’ to your application, to make sure you have read all the way through.

What’s in it for you?

We value our team. Therefore, we give you incentives when you nail your job. We are looking for someone in the long run. Are you the right fit and do you want to grow with us?

Will only reply if you have shared your portfolio. Please only share RELEVANT thumbnails: PHOTO MANIPULATIONS AND PHOTOSHOP SKILLS.

You know what works, and have extended experience. Only senior positions. Please share with me your prices and how many thumbnails you could create.

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