Youtube Channel Growth Expert & Manager Needed

Hi, I’m looking for someone who can help with growing our YT channel. The channel is over 3yrs old. We have 7k subs. Over the last 6 months We’ve been publishing 3 videos a week. We only get a 75-200 views per video and we don’t do any black hat.

We are a Real Estate Investing Training platform. We provide simple resources for new & seasoned real estate and AirBnb investors to obtain good, free, helpful information to help them start and build their Passive Income portfolio to accomplish their goals w/ AirBnb & real estate investing.

We have a in house content creation team who can do quality thumbnails and content distribution on (fb & IG)

For this project, I’d like to hire you to help me do topic research, publish 7 videos & shorts combined that get thousands of organic views with great click through & audience retention for YouTube search & suggested traffic… Strictly & honestly growing our USA, Canada & UK views with real people… NO BLACK HAT or Spam tactics then that’s a great plus. YouTube is one of our lead generation sources for our training Academy. With more videos

I can provide demographics, keywords, interests, messaging, google ads data etc.

You will need to let me know how you plan to get us & how long it will take using the content format we are currently using for our channel.

There’s more! Who ever can help with I would like to make a long term part of the team as I am committed to building a channel with much more views and subs.


Ashraful Islam

Hello, I am a YouTube channel Expert and Support specialist. I read the full description. You can easily grow your channel in 3 methods.

1. Youtube Video SEO
2. Youtube Video Promotion
3. Google Ads Campaign

I have completed more than hundreds of youtube channel projects that are successfully growing day by day.

I can show you my sample if you knock me in my email.

[email protected]


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