Website Analytics & Tracking Expert

We created a website which will be used to showcase our new content & act as a funnel between our subscription site and our social media, as well as promote our brand name to a much larger audience.

The site has 2 main purposes; to promote brand awareness and create sales of our subscription.
So we need a data, tracking & analytics expert to create a website analytics strategy and implementation plan that can help us collect data to achieve these results and reach our marketing goals.

Task description:

Create an analytics & tracking strategy & implementation plan, that addresses these questions:
– What data tracking platforms should we implement on our website?
– What data insights should we collect to help us generate the best content that creates results?
– How & what blocks on our website should we collect data?
– Can you suggest how we can use data to improve our social media to subscription funnel & website content?

Task length:
1-2 months, starting January

Represent your plan in a document and/or presentation with a clear and easy-to-execute implementation plan that a non-expert can achieve. Part of the work will include a small training to a member or 2 of our staff to understand the use of the platforms you have suggested.

To apply:
Please send your work experience, education and relevant examples of past work and records of successful data collection projects.


Nino Rico

have had experience over the past years as a customer service representative . I realized that my resume or curriculum vitae cannot explain my qualifications in depth. Therefore. I really hope there is a chance interview which I can explain how the potential in me and my ministry will be a tremendous asset for your company.


Trusted Virtual Assistant – ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!


Hi Maxi, as a digital marketer with experience in website design and insight analysis, I’ll love to come on board and help with this project.

I’ll be happy to discuss further with you. Here’s my email [email protected]

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