Web Scraping Expert Needed for E-commerce Subcategory URL Extraction

We are seeking a skilled web scraping expert to help us extract subcategory URLs from various e-commerce websites. This feature will allow us to gather subcategory links, such as product category pages from e-commerce websites, to enhance our data collection and analysis capabilities.

Project Overview:

We require a solution that leverages BrightData to scrape multiple e-commerce websites and extract subcategory URLs. The scraper should visit each site, navigate through the main categories, and collect URLs for all available subcategories. The solution should be versatile and work on any e-commerce website from any country, such as asos.com, including subcategories like asos.com/men/shorts, asos.com/men/jeans, etc.


Use of BrightData:

Configure and deploy BrightData to scrape specified URLs.
Ensure that the scraper can handle multiple URLs efficiently.

Data Collection:

Scrape subcategory URLs from various e-commerce websites.
Ensure the solution can handle a variety of websites, not just one or two.

Collect URLs such as:

Main category: asos.com/men
Subcategories: asos.com/men/shorts, asos.com/men/jeans, etc.


Store the scraped URLs in a structured format (e.g., JSON, CSV).
Ensure the data is clean, accurate, and ready for integration with our system.


Proven experience with web scraping and data extraction using BrightData.
Strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Familiarity with e-commerce websites and their structure.
Ability to handle anti-scraping mechanisms and ensure reliable data collection.
Attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality work.

Additional Requirement:

You must have access to a BrightData account to be able to build and test this. I have my own account but cannot share access to it. I will copy over the code and run it on my side.

How to Apply:

Please submit your proposal detailing your experience with similar projects, your approach to this task, and any relevant examples of past work. Include an estimated timeline and cost for completing this project.

We look forward to working with a dedicated professional to enhance our platform.



Nice to meet you.
I have 7+ years of experience in software engineer and rich experience in web scraping with Python,React-Nodejs.
I have extensive experience using BrightData for web scraping projects. In my last project, I configured and deployed BrightData to scrape product information from multiple e-commerce websites, including handling dynamic content loaded with JavaScript. I utilized BrightData’s proxy services to bypass anti-scraping measures, ensuring reliable data collection across various platforms.
I implement multi-threading or asynchronous processing to scrape multiple pages simultaneously. Additionally, I use BrightData’s proxy rotation to distribute requests across different IP addresses, minimizing the risk of being blocked. Proper error handling and retry mechanisms are also in place to ensure robustness.
Budget:30 hours/week,$30/hr,
Duration:15-20 days
If you are interested,please contact me:Telegram:Mailov2

I’d like to work with you.
Best Regards


Hello !
I’m used to work with Python, having already done web-scraping/crawling jobs, if you are interested in my profile, you can reach me out by mail : [email protected]

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