Virtual Operations Manger Wanted

I am currently seeking a BASED Virtual Operations Manager to assist me in managing my accounts and contribute to the growth of my blog, books, and various projects. Despite my current circumstances serving time in Federal prison, I am committed to expanding my online presence and require a reliable and smart individual based in the United States to work remote/ virtually,
5-10 hours each week.


Edit political articles for grammar and spelling, and post on my Substack account.
Email Substack article links to my subscriber list.
Promote Substack links on Twitter, Telegram , Truth Social, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
Utilize effective techniques to grow social media followings.
Forward comments and replies via email.
Conduct light research.
Hire, post, and manage job listings for various projects.

Ideal Candidate:

Experienced in growing social media and subscriber accounts.
Knowledgeable about marketing funnels and sales skills. Familiar with google applications, tech savvy.
Politically and culturally conservative with a passion for America First content.
Enthusiastic about American politics.
Consistent and reliable.


U.S.-based applicants only.
Bonuses for meeting performance benchmarks.
Additional projects available.
We will interact via email, phone, and traditional mail.

Long-Term Opportunity:
This is an ongoing and long-term position with potential for growth and additional responsibilities.

Tell me why you’d like this job and please quote a weekly or hourly price.

VERY IMPORTANT: If chosen, please be available to participate in (2) 10-15 minute phone calls. You must be comfortable accepting a prepaid call from a federal prison.

If you are interested in contributing to a unique and impactful venture, please reach out with your resume and a brief statement explaining your interest in this position.

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