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We are at the forefront of the property management industry, leveraging technology and innovative approaches to deliver superior service. We are now looking for a dedicated, organized, and experienced VA Operations Manager to lead our team of Virtual Assistants, drive operational efficiency, and uphold our commitment to unparalleled service.


VA Management: Lead and supervise all Virtual Assistants in the company, providing guidance, feedback, and training to ensure consistently high levels of performance and productivity.

Recruitment & Termination: Manage the recruitment process for new Virtual Assistants, from creating job postings to interviewing and hiring. When necessary, handle the termination process in accordance with company policies and legal regulations.

Budget Management: Oversee a budget designated for Virtual Assistant services, optimizing resources to balance cost and performance effectively.

Process Improvement & Optimization: Regularly review, modify, and optimize processes and workflows to enhance efficiency and productivity. Ensure that these processes are tailored to the specific skills and capabilities of our VAs.

Performance Assessment: Regularly evaluate the performance of each VA, offering constructive feedback and instituting performance improvement plans if necessary.

Training & Development: Establish and implement a robust training program for new hires and continuous skill enhancement for existing VAs.

Conflict Resolution: Act as the primary contact point for any issues or conflicts that arise within the VA team, and ensure these are resolved promptly and effectively.

Policy Compliance: Enforce company policies and procedures consistently, ensuring all VAs adhere to established guidelines.

Technology Management: Oversee the technological tools used by the team, staying abreast of advancements that could improve efficiency and making recommendations as appropriate.

Backup Support: Act as a backup, stepping in for VA roles as necessary to ensure continued service and minimal disruption to business operations.


* Previous experience as a Virtual Assistant, with at least 2 years in a leadership role managing remote teams.
* Demonstrated success in managing operations, preferably within the property management industry.
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
* Detail-oriented with a strong ability to multitask and prioritize.
* Exceptional problem-solving skills and analytical abilities.
* Proficient with digital tools and platforms typically used by Virtual Assistants.
* A comprehensive understanding of budget management and cost optimization.
* When you apply, please mention your favorite book. If you don’t I will know you didn’t read this.

This is a full time position. You will be required to do the work of the new VA responsibilities as we add them in. You will then be responsible to hire for that position as you learn what is required. You will adjust the process as needed and be responsible for hiring and training the new VA.



In addition to my skills and experience, I bring a strong work ethic, reliability, and a commitment to professionalism. I am highly organized, detail-oriented, and dedicated to delivering high-quality results. I am also able to work independently, taking initiative and demonstrating resourcefulness when solving problems and overcoming challenges.

I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the organization as a virtual assistant and support your team in achieving their goals. I am confident that my skills, experience, and passion for delivering exceptional service align well with your requirements.

Thank you for considering my application. I have attached my resume for your review. I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss how my skills and qualifications can benefit your organization. I can be reached at +639602061284 or [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



I am writing to apply for the position of Virtual Assistant


Hi Sondre,

My name is Danique, your tech-savvy and virtually eloquent freelancer. I am writing in reaction to the listed opportunity which piqued my interest. I discerned from the job description that you are in search of a professional who goes beyond the call of duty in an effort to commit to the execution of the project that you are outsourcing assistance with as such this aligns perfectly with my goals for my continual professional gains.

As it relates to applicable work experience, I have functioned as a Gig Brand Ambassador for the accounting software, QuickBooks. In a period of one month, I was able to maintain a 100% resolution rate while managing systems and engaging tools. As a result, I was tasked by my manager to begin outsourcing for roles that are available within the organization. I also served in the facet of an administrative personal assistant performing a plethora of tasks inclusive of email management, document creation and calendar management. Additionally, I am sensitized to several workspaces such as Zoom, Outlook, Google workspaces and Microsoft workspaces which would align with the system proficiency of this role. My skill set comprises of but is not limited to administrative support, appointment setting , email management and data-entry. Danique is proactive, goal-oriented, has an eye for detail, adaptable, has great organizational skills, has polished communication skills, both written and verbal, and most importantly I am willing to learn about new systems of work.

Attached below is a link to my website, portfolio and email as with all being well, I will be your next virtual assistant for the listed opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,
Danique Fagan

P.S: Out of curiosity, how do you measure success?


Hi, Sondre! Hope you have a good day!

My name is Kirana, and I live in Indonesia. I graduated with an Accounting major and have worked in finance for two years at PT BGP Indonesia, a multinational company based in Mainland China. I was responsible for financial reporting and bookkeeping in a fast-paced work atmosphere. Besides doing my primary job as finance, I am also responsible as the field manager’s assistant. Booking flights and hotels, scheduling meetings, and daily reporting project progress has been my side job for two years. Since the project manager is primarily Chinese, they always had difficulty communicating with other local workers, so I also became their translator for them in English, Chinese and Indonesian.

During my university life, I also worked part-time as a digital marketing staff in my university’s marketing team. I also owned an online shop I managed independently, whether it was the design or copywriting for Instagram posts. So I am very familiar with Canva and Adobe photoshop.

I have also been journaling since 2017 and started using notion earlier this year. I often manage projects with my community, so I started using Google Calendars, ClickUp and Notion often to make it easier for us to brainstorm our ideas. Now I stick to using those apps for my daily life.

I just read your job posting, and I will be the right candidate for this position since I’ve been working in business and as a personal assistant as a side job for quite some time. I am the type of person who enjoys working in a team and has excellent communication skills. I also love to organize my daily plans and schedules so that I can help with yours too. Thank you for considering my application.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me:
E-mail: [email protected]

Best Regards,


Hi! Good day! I am Flexi. 
I spent considerable time carefully reading your job description and learned that you require a virtual assistant to help you with some of the tasks listed there. I would like to apply for that position because I have all the necessary qualifications. I am purely suitable for this role because of the experience, qualities, knowledge, and relevant skills that I have gained in order to meet the requirements of the job description. In particular, my ability to work to tight deadlines, manage my time, multitask, and use my customer service skills effectively makes me a good fit for the role. I also understand how to meet the needs of your customers and clients.

I take pride in completing tasks on time and accurately because I’m a professional with a keen eye for detail and good organizational skills. I have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

I am a self-starter with a fully functional home office. Therefore, I’m prepared to start working as your virtual assistant as soon as possible, and I invite you to get in touch with me to schedule an interview as soon as it’s convenient for you. I sincerely appreciate your consideration and time.

My favorite book is Noli Me Tángere, which is one of the famous books here in the Philippines.

Whatsapp → +639454654664
Email → flexishie.cruz28@gmail
Resume →

Mary Kim

Hi, hope you are amazing and doing well. Good day! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mary Kim Torrico. I live in the Philippines—25 years of age. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management.

My experience in my work is
I have one year of experience in administrative tasks from a Canadian company. I am researching, collecting data, organizing emails, Excel, and Google suite, and recording business expenses.

I have one year and two months of experience as a Customer Service/Guest Representative from a UK company. I handle customers, guiding how to check in, solving the customers’ problems, and replying to some inquiries. I am using the Guesty applications like Airbnb, Zoho, and Zoom.

I have three years of experience as an Online English Teacher. I was teaching students from Vietnamese students Kids to Adults. The application we used were Zoom having a class, Zalo to contact the parents/students, and Microsoft Excel to record the class.

I have experience making some logos and Company profiles using canva pro.

Lastly, As an office worker from a Philippines Construction company. I am doing payrolls, simple bookkeeping recording the receipts/expenses, and making billing and bidding papers. Organize some data.

I just read your job posting, and it appears you require a Virtual Assistant to keep you organized and help your business grow. I am the right candidate for this position! Moreover, I adapt to new systems, processes, and tools as required. I possess excellent communication, customer service, and leadership strength. I am confident that my skills and experience make me a strong candidate for this position, and I look forward to contributing to your business. Thank you for considering my application.

Feel free to contact me by
My Resume:'s
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +63 968 854 2306 (Philippines)
Skype ID: live:.cid.d1404e3715f014d0

Best Regards,

Cel Shama

My Favorite book is the Twilight Series

I am Shama and I am so thrilled and immediately went to send this proposal upon seeing your job post. I am very confident and positive that I’d be a great fit for this role and can even offer more as I got a lot of other skills I have acquired through years of experience working as the Head of Operations and a Hiring Manager and Trainer and my previous companies in call centers here in the Philippines.

I am very comfortable talking to people, brand owners, customers, business owners, prospects, name it and I am very conversational.

After leaving my recent job as a Client Services Officer for a medical company, I am seeking a new full-time and long-term job.

I look forward to moving on to a new company and dedicating my full time and skills to helping your business. I am always treating my client’s business like my own so you can expect 101% dedication and commitment in everything I do.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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