Virtual Assistant for Web Design Sales, Onboarding, & Client Technical Support via Phone/Zoom

I work for a fully remote marketing agency and I am currently seeking someone to help me with daily operations. This will include a mix of sales (cold call prospecting), answering questions via email & phone, conducting meetings via Zoom, and preparing quotes for projects.

The right candidate will have some familiarity with web design/web hosting/marketing terminology and some direct experience would be beneficial. You will be a potential client’s first contact they speak with, so having a grasp of what we do and the ability to sell it is important.

This role will include some prospecting and sales in your free time. I’d like to find someone who can help contact local businesses to learn more about their current website experience, follow up via email, etc. in an effort to persuade them to switch web companies. We have some enticing offers and it is a matter of right-fitting them and helping them understand the benefits of using our services to support their website needs. You would be responsible for talking with these business owners, sending a quote via our system, and then conducting a Zoom video call to review the quote together with the potential client to help build trust.

I have a team in place to help with website support (building the website, making changes, etc.) but if you have experience/skills here also, please let me know as we can always use more help.

This position may also include random small tasks as needed for myself relating to the daily needs of the business, which can be difficult to know in advance. These would be things like calling a client back on my behalf, working on an Excel spreadsheet for me, etc.

I’m fairly flexible, east to work with, but I do expect honesty and hard work. Ideally I’d prefer to find someone I can work with long-term.

The right candidate will include experience directly relating to the needs outlined above, and any skills you believe makes you the best possible fit for this position.


Nic Doucette

Hi Jonas,

I’d love to learn more about the opportunity you have available and the time commitment you’re looking for. I have over 15 years of sales experience and I currently own a digital marketing agency that specializes in Social Media Management and Marketing, Sales Consulting (including lead generation) etc.

I am familiar with web design and hosting, I have designed multiple websites and optimized them for SEO (including my own)

Looking forward to chatting with you.


Rhea Igna

I strive to provide exceptional success in multiple Business Sectors such as Social Media Marketing, eCommerce, Video Editing, Content Creation, Podcasting and Lead Generation.


5 years VA

Grad student – Business School

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