Virtual Assistant for Simple Lead Generation via Web Scraping

We are seeking a dedicated Virtual Assistant to assist in a straightforward lead generation project using a custom-built web scraper designed for the Brave browser. The primary task is incredibly simple: use the provided web scraper to download CSV files of targeted leads from specific niches. This role requires no prior technical experience and focuses solely on the ability to follow clear, step-by-step instructions and meet a 48-hour deadline.

Key Responsibilities:

Download the provided project files and upload them as an extension to the Brave browser. (It’s as easy as downloading a file and clicking a few buttons!)
Utilize the user-friendly web scraper to gather data, focusing on specified niches. (If you can browse the web, you can handle this!)
Efficiently manage the web scraper to achieve a goal of downloading 500 CSV files within the designated timeframe. (It’s all about following simple instructions and being organized.)
Organize the downloaded CSV files into folders for easy access and review. (Basic computer skills are all you need!)

Computer Hardware: A computer from 2015 or later with at least 4GB RAM, an Intel i3 or equivalent AMD processor, and a stable internet connection. (If you’re using a relatively modern computer, you’re good to go!)
Technical Skills: Absolutely no prior experience in web scraping or technical roles required. (If you can use a computer and follow instructions, you’re qualified!)
Personal Skills: Ability to follow clear directions, pay attention to detail, and work efficiently to meet a 48-hour deadline. (If you’re reliable and organized, this job is perfect for you!)
Software: Basic familiarity with using browsers, installing extensions, and operating simple software. (If you can use the internet, you’ve got this covered!)

Duration: This is a short-term, project-based role with a clear goal to be achieved within 48 hours of onboarding. (Quick and simple!)
Compensation: $15 for the project completion. $2 (13.33%) will be paid upon successful onboarding, and the remaining $13 (86.67%) will be paid upon project completion. (Get paid fairly for your work!)
Training: A detailed, step-by-step onboarding session will be provided, including easy-to-follow guides on installing and utilizing the web scraper. (We’ll walk you through every step of the process!)
How to Apply:
No previous experience in web scraping is necessary to apply for this position. We’re looking for someone eager to learn, able to follow detailed instructions, and diligent in organizing data. If you’re ready to dive into a simple yet rewarding project, submit your application now! Highlight your ability to work efficiently, follow instructions precisely, and meet tight deadlines.

I’ve made this job incredibly simple for you. The provided project files are designed for ease of use, and I’m willing to guide you through the entire process personally. If you can use a computer and follow clear instructions, you have all the skills needed to succeed in this role. Apply now and let’s get started!


Muhammad Umar

Respected Madam,

I wish to express my strong interest in applying for the post of Virtual Assistant (VA) for the Lead Generation project via Web Scraping.

I have some lead generation experience but i am willing to get instructions / training for this particular position.

Computer Hardware:
I own a fast personal laptop (Intel Core i7) with 16gb of RAM which easily matches the minimum hardware requirements.
I have a reliable internet connection available (fiber optic).

I am well versed with using different browsers (Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge etc.) and have fair knowledge of installing their respective extensions.

My schedule is flexible and i am available to start right away.

Hope that you will consider my application and offer me the opportunity to work on the lead generation project.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Best regards.

Muhammad Umar
Email: [email protected]

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