Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager Needed

Rejuvience Med Spa is re-launching and forming a new medical aesthetics association. A virtual assistant with some social media management skills is needed to assist with organizing operations and launching. Ideally this entry level position would become a long-term project with growth potential.

Excellent writing skills are a must. Responsibilities include:
● Write educational materials, SEO optimized website content, and social media content.
● Document organizational standards and processes.
● Research and summarize findings.
● Assist with developing social media campaigns, including creating and editing graphics and video.
● Assist with creating and maintaining seo optimized website content, including creating and editing graphics and video.

Provide your name, contact info, why you’re a good fit, and your portfolio at



I am a Creative & Innovative strategist. I combine imaginative thinking with strategic skills to develop unique solutions and approaches in various fields, such as marketing, business development, product design, customer service, virtual assistance, campaign development, innovations, design thinking, sales, and project management. I can think outside the box, identify new opportunities, and devise growth and result-oriented strategies to consistently generate successful campaigns and ventures.

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