Virtual Appointment Setter

Compensation: $100 – 800 /month /client

Location: Virtual/anywhere


We run a specialized marketing agency called Amara Consulting helping beauty clinics/med spas to get more booked appointments and clients with Facebook ads. While most other marketing agencies help everybody with everything, we’ve decided to only focus on Facebook ads for beauty clinics/med spas. This gives us a competitive advantage and our clients love it.

About the Job:

We’re looking for a rockstar Appointment Setter to work with us and deliver amazing results to our clients. As our Appointment Setter you will work with us on per client basis and be responsible for the following tasks:

*Calls to warm leads.
*Create effective and professional scripts.
*Customer Support.
*Updating CRM with the required info.
*Manage calendar and update appointments set for clients.


As the title says, we’re looking for an experienced Appointment Setter for beauty clinics/med spas and this doesn’t mean anybody… You must satisfy all of the following requirements to be considered for this job:

*Experience in Setting appointments in the beauty and cosmetics niche.
*Proven track record that you’re able to prove.
*Knowledge of CRM platform (go highlevel), Being able to update bookings.
*Ability to check on the leads at all times and report results straight away.
*Be able to work in AEST time zone.


John Almocera

My name is John from the Philippines, I am 22 years old and have been in the business for almost 4 years. I handled customer service accounts, sales, dispatch, appointment setting, and business development. I believe that I have all the requirements and experience to bring value to your company. I hope this message finds you and I look forward to working with you.


I have no other obligations and can dedicate as much time as needed for this job. I am efficient, fast typer, and very good with customers. My phone number is (502) 777-6085.


Good day,

Nice to meet you. My name is Joan and I’m a medium-level virtual assistant searching for a more permanent position in this industry.
I offer social media, inbox and diary management, data entry, and copywriting services also provide PA and marketing services to small businesses and more. I’m a quick learner who is eager to put in the time and effort necessary to complete the work to the best of my ability.
I help business owners by taking on their day-to-day admin and marketing tasks, so they feel less overwhelmed and have more time and energy to focus on their passion.
If you run your own business and want to outsource some marketing or admin tasks, feel free to get in touch with me.
I can help you reduce your workload focus all your clients and grow your business to its fullest potential.
My primary role and responsibility are to deliver proactive support and administrative services. As a part-time job, I obtained experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), Google Apps (Gmail, Drive, Docs, and Spreadsheet), Canva, Dropbox, Slack, Trello, Salesforce, and other technologies. Creating drag-and-drop content, sales funnels, forms, and surveys is also part of the process. Creating a process of policies and business contracts, setting up online courses and modules, homework, and exams, scheduling social media, maintaining data in CRMS, and controlling invoicing are all part of the job, including, but not limited to:
• Calendar/Meeting Management –
• Email Management
• Travel Management
• Expense Management
• Events Management
• Timesheet Management
• Telephone Management
• Client Relationship Management
• Customized Communications
• Service Line-specific Tasks
• Project management
• Hiring and Recruitment Management
I am certain that I have the skills and knowledge required to grow and develop in this work given my significant background in customer service, technical assistance, lead generation, creating product descriptions, and administrative activities.

Francis Jonee Dy

Hi Hiring Manager!

I was thrilled to see your “Virtual Appointment Setter” ad. I’m a general virtual assistant in many categories with 12 years of experience working for corporate firms and 4 years of remote setup. I dedicated myself to improving my craft as a virtual assistant. I handled 50 people for multiple campaigns like solar appointment setting, video editing, copywriting, data entry, real estate virtual assistance, SEO, SMM, Talent, and client acquisition, lead generation, marketer, customer support, billing (online purchase and medical), and collections with my previous clients.

Throughout my journey as a virtual assistant, I was trained to use multiple CRM platforms like Chime, REI Reply, and Zoho CRM. I’m also knowledgeable about using power dialers like vicidial, ring central, convoso, 8 by 8, Mojodialer, and many more. I always compile and create reports at the end of each shift and submit them to my clients. This will also serve as my foundation for meeting targets and KPIs as needed. I’m also a team player, hardworking, and communicate clearly with my clients and customers.

As of now, I’m looking for a new client to work with and help me grow as I venture into my career as a virtual assistant. I am available and open to working on your projects as a Virtual Appointment Setter. I’m looking forward to hearing great news from you.

Francis Jonee Dy


Hey there Tim!

I was so excited to see your job post! Let me share with you a little bit about myself and how I think I could be the right person to assist you with your business. I have been working as a Cosmetic Laser Tech since 2017 as well as doing Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Administrative Assistance, and more part time. I recently became a mom which has given me more time to put more time into my virtual assistance business.

Here is the link to schedule a call with me:

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you, and wish you the absolute best in your search! Thank you so much for your time.

Talk soon,


Adas Mahdi Atef here, and I’m emailing you to inquire about a potential job opportunity with your organization. Any information you can give me about how to get engaged with your business would be greatly appreciated. If there are any additional chances, kindly let me know.

Email is the best way to reach me: [email protected]

or call me on my mobile at:

My website:

I sincerely appreciate your time. I’m incredibly excited to hear from you.

Baguio city, is where I’m at.

Jennifer Petrillo

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am excited to apply for the Virtual Appointment Setter position at Amara Consulting. As an experienced appointment setter in the beauty and cosmetics industry, I believe I have the skills and experience to excel in this role and deliver amazing results to your clients.

In my previous roles, I have called warm leads, created effective and professional scripts, provided customer support, and managed calendars to update appointments set for clients. I am also proficient in using CRM platforms and am able to update bookings and report results quickly and efficiently.

I am confident in my ability to set appointments for beauty clinics and med spas and have a proven track record that I am able to provide. I am also familiar with working in the AEST time zone and am able to check on leads at all times to ensure that I am able to meet the needs of your clients.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute my skills and experience to the success of Amara Consulting.

Jennifer Petrillo

Michael Kevin

Hi Good Day, I hope all is well. I am reaching out to express my interest in this job post. I have gathered adequate experience and knowledge which I can definitely use to meet the requirements for this position. I possess two years of experience as a virtual assistant and enjoy the variety of work the job brings each day. As a freelance virtual assistant, I currently provide a number of services for my clients including document preparation maintaining files, record keeping, data entry, lead management, prospecting, listing and posting Properties to the MLS and other real estate marketing sites, skip tracing, calling prospective leads to set up appointments, email management, transaction coordination and contract reviews, phone support, setting up showings and administrative work.

I believed I am worth hiring for I am ready to start the job ASAP. I am confident that I best fit the position because I push myself and deliver. I am responsive and always available. I look forward to being of service not just to do the mundane tasks but also to keep everything in order in your daily activities and be ahead of things. My main goal is to protect the company’s, and your interest for without you my skills will not be of value I make it a point that: Diligence and Dedication are what I live from day to day. I would love the opportunity to transfer these skills to your company as your personal Virtual Assistant. I am a self-starter and have a complete in-home office setup. So I’m ready to begin work as your virtual assistant as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your time and consideration

Mary Kim

Good day! I am interested in this position. I am willing to be trained, and my resume reflects my relevant experience and skills. So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to tell you about the traits and characteristics about me that I feel make me a good fit. I’ve always been a hard worker with a strong work ethic. I am confident that I would fit perfectly in This position you offer. Here is a quick overview of my skills and strengths. I am well-self-motivated communication Skills – Fluent in both verbal and written communication, Time Management, Typing Skills,
Critical thinking and problem solving, Multi-tasking skills, Fast Learner – willing to be trained, Technical Skills – knowledge of tools like MS Excel and Word or Google Docs and Spreadsheet, Customer Service – works well under pressure Comprehension Skills, Organized and efficient. My key to success is to learn quickly about my incoming responsibilities. I have a lot of experience in any field in the Workplace.

Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +63 968 854 2306


Hi, I am Hasan from Bangladesh. I have work experience in fiverr platform. I am experienced in virtual work. i am highly interested to work on this project. If you want , i can take part in the interview session.
Please feel free to knock me.



My name is Shannon, and my primary skills in Amazon Virtual Assistants are listing optimization, fixing stranded issues, and managing suppressed concerns. I previously handled more than 20 stores for my clients while working for V.A for three years.
My video editing talents include combining crucial footage to construct a story. adding text and cool transitions, and also as an Appointment Setter/Data Entry, where I schedule appointments and compile important information for my clients. Working with these few clients taught me how to improve my skills. I was also part of the dispatch team because my employer promoted me before because he could trust me with minimal supervision.

I am confident in my writing abilities, therefore I don’t anticipate any difficulties. I also know how to use Excel and Google Sheets, and I am familiar with Trello and Notion.
I am a goal-oriented individual looking for great connections in my professional path here on freelancing, and I am aware that I am teachable since I am constantly eager to acquire new abilities.

I know my skills with SMM will also help you to attract more clients which also applied my knowledge skills with video editing and

actually during my free time I manage my own content on tiktok its not yet big but I have my own organic reach which is great since I know i have a good result with my content

I need a specific task completed, and you can be confident that I will complete and deliver it on time.
I am searching for long-term employment, but if you can provide me part-time work, I would be grateful; at the very least, you have provided me with the chance to prove why I am qualified to be part of your team

I am looking forward hearing back to you again

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