Video & Short Film Animator

The Job is to work on animations & video edits with me for short films and stories.

These stories are designed to raise human consciousness and help others feel inspired & uplifted.

Why they are important – is they help people let go of their limitations and help them reach new heights.

I have 4 or 5 short films videos which would need animation. They are 2 – 3 min films & videos.

We would start with one to see if it’s a match.

My Dream Outcome would be:

1. Have 3 – 5 of these short films edited. When I look at the animation. I think to myself – Wow I love that and I have someone who I can work with longterm.

2. My current roadblocks and problems I would love solved are.

1. Animation Design.
2. Standard and repeatable animation style for other videos.
3. I don’t want to spend my whole time animating or editing, and want to focus on script writing & directing & acting.

So want someone who can deal with the CGI & editing for the film projects.

3. I would like to see previous work you have done & and have someone who loves what they are doing and has a positive attitude.

4. I would like to have the short films animated within 1 week.

5. I would like to have a couple of video calls to get the job done. Allowing at least 2 to 3 rounds of checking if the animation is good enough. .

I will send through the stories & and can go through storyboards with the person.

If performed well, I am confident they will be more work as I have a production company & and am looking to grow it this year.




Good day Leonor

my name is Nancy and I am interested in the job offer and I believe I am the right fit for the job, I have the skill set, I have about 2years experience working as a freelance video editor and creator. I recently graduated from the virtual assistant program and I have commitment to work on this job. I would be willing to schedule a call so we can talk more about the job and what your expectations are and also share my resume and some work samples.

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