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In search of a professional and experienced video editor to handle the full video creation process, producing high quality Youtube content/videos in length of around 10 minutes, 4 videos produced per month.

*Please read this carefully before applying for this job.*

The ideal candidate/team will have worked on YouTube automation channels before with measurable success, have extensive knowledge of Youtube guidelines/copyright rules/fair use policies, strong editing skills and access to Stock Footage sites & movie/TV show footage as well as experience with and use of VidIQ or Tubebuddy. Videos must be able to be monetized.

We Want to Work With You If:
– You have experience in producing bingeable content with Youtube.
– You understand how to keep viewers engaged with good pacing, transitions, frames etc.
– You have experience working under tight deadlines
– You are committed to high quality without the need for lots of revisions.
– You are organized, communicative and has fast turnaround times.
– You can deliver items via Google Drive

Video requirements:
– Add in copyright free sound effects/background music where applicable, not in excess.
– Source and use copyright free clips, movie/TV show clips and have stock footage access to use licensed clips.
– Max 5 seconds per clip
– Edit the video in a bingeable type style that is captivating to the audience, CTR and retention rate focused, 1080p HD+, make use of lower-thirds/text/transitions where applicable. Professional video editing software only – Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Davinci Resolve or Final Cut Pro.

Why we are awesome to work with:
– You’ll fill your portfolio with a variety of professional video samples
– We have high-quality standards, which means awesome training – you’ll learn a ton
– Work from wherever you want (as long as we can reach you)
– We recognize talent and promote from within
– Kickass bonuses and incentives

Job requirements:
– 1 videos per week
– 8 minutes + videos
– $30 – $50 per video

Priority given to the video editor that best matches the Job Description. Budget is $40 per video, negotiable for higher pay for **proven work of high quality and results based track record**.

Please send current portfolio/sample work for review.



Hi Santi, With three years of immersive experience in the realm of video editing, I have honed my skills and developed a deep understanding of the craft. Through countless projects, I have mastered various editing techniques, seamlessly weaving together visuals, audio, and effects to create captivating videos. Additionally, I possess comprehensive knowledge of copyright claims and monetization, ensuring that my work adheres to legal guidelines while maximizing the potential for revenue generation. My expertise in video editing, coupled with my understanding of copyright and monetization, allows me to deliver high-quality content that not only engages audiences but also respects intellectual property rights. With my main video editing platform being Adobe Premiere pro. Hope I can be of service!


Hey, my name is Nemanja.

I have been doing freelance video editing for over 3 years and have worked for various clients from all over the world.

I mostly worked and specialized in video editing for social networks like Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok…

I mostly work in the Adobe Premiere Pro program, but the other programs are not too bad for me either.

Below is an example of my past work for one of my clients.



I’m a professional video editor with 5+ years of working experience in video editing, designing, and social media management. Recently, I edited 10+ camera footage, digitally splicing film and video and synchronizing them, improving and correcting lighting, coloring, and faulty footage weekly.

I have a passion for video editing and creating engaging content that resonates with viewers. As an experienced professional, I am confident that my skills will be beneficial for the company’s future projects. Please let me know if we can discuss this further over a phone call to help you understand how my team collaboration, video editing, designing, and analytical skills can help you achieve newer heights in the future.

Here’s the link to my LinkedIn profile:

My portfolio:

Best Regards,
Imam Mehdi Utsho.

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