Trainee For My Agency. Get Paid to Be Trained!

Are you ready to kickstart a rewarding career in the dynamic world of sales and appointment setting? Join our team as a trainee for my agency and not only get paid to learn but also unlock a world of mentorship and professional development.

**Role: Appointment Setting for my agency**

No previous experience? No problem! As a Trainee, your primary role will be setting appointments with potential clients to book meetings on my calendar. We provide you with everything you need to succeed, including scripts, booking software, and a CRM system. Dive into the exciting realm of sales and start building a foundation for a prosperous career.


1. **Paid Training:** Gain valuable skills in sales, psychology, mindset, tonality, negotiating, and more. I invest thousands of dollars in mentoring, and as a selected trainee, you will receive weekly training directly from me. Learn the art of persuasion, master tonality, and develop a winning mindset.
2. **Hands-On Experience:** Put your training into action with real-world experience. Hone your skills as you interact with potential clients, and watch your confidence and expertise grow.


In addition to receiving weekly training, enjoy additional bonuses:

– **$10 per Show-Up:** You’ll receive $10 for every scheduled appointment that results in a potential client showing up.
– **5% per Close:** Elevate your earnings further with a 5% commission on every successful deal closed. Your success is our success, and we believe in rewarding your efforts.


– Strong communication skills and a positive attitude.
– Ability to follow scripts effectively while adapting to potential client responses.
– Eagerness to learn and a commitment to professional development.
– Reliable internet connection and a quiet workspace for making calls.
– (Preferred) Proficient level of English

**How to Apply:**

Excited to seize this opportunity? Take the first step by filling out our Google Form below. Provide us with a brief overview of your background, and let us know why you’re eager to join our team. This form helps us get to know you better and ensures a smooth application process.

We look forward to reviewing your application and discovering how your unique skills and enthusiasm can contribute to our dynamic team.

– Fabian



Hi Fabian, I understand that you are seeking to recruit appointment setter who are willing to join and work for you r agency. I would like to express my interest in this opportunity. I’m open to get trained and join your agency. You can reach me via email [email protected]. Looking forward to your response.


Are you looking for an appointment setter to join your team? Lucky you because I can handle that and more.

I have helped many successful clients in the last 2 years with tons of similar tasks. As a Real estate assistant and an appointment setter. I was responsible for finding out if potential clients are interested in products and services, then scheduling a time for sales representatives to meet with each potential client. Accepting calls from prospective clients as they arise. Calling prospective clients using a list of phone numbers provided to me. Familiarizing myself with essential details of our products and services.

I was responsible for identifying potential clients, reaching them on the phone, and scheduling an appointment for a sales representative for a follow-up visit, either in person or via telephone. As I I’m enjoy talking to people and I’m interested in sales, this is the ideal position for me.

Maintaining a database of clients and updating it regularly. Besides, I was in charge of getting property details and updating property listings. Apart from this, I also maintain property files and be in the know-how of the closing processes. Assisting in preparing property documents and forms, Scheduling meetings between the buyer and seller, Maintaining electronic and print records of properties, Addressing client queries and scheduling appointments, Making follow-up call

I am tech-savvy and conversant with all Microsoft and Google Office suites. If you are interested in my services I will be happy to answer all your questions, I look forward to it.

I would love to get together and discuss your project and what’s important to you.
[email protected]


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