Structural Drawings and Calculations

Contract for Structural Engineering Services for Crawford-Oleksiak Front and Rear Additions, Wooden Terrace, and Roof Redesign

Scope of Work:
The scope of work for the Crawford-Oleksiak project encompasses:

Front and Rear Additions:
– Conducting a comprehensive structural analysis to determine the load-bearing requirements for the new front and rear additions.
– Designing reinforced foundation systems, bearing walls, beams, and columns to accommodate the additional loads and ensure structural integrity.
– Creating detailed structural drawings illustrating the placement of structural components within the additions.
– Side Covered Wooden Terrace and Front Wood Porch Roof:
– Evaluating the existing roof structure affected by modifications in the teal-highlighted area.
– Developing innovative reinforcement or redesign solutions to ensure the continued stability and load-carrying capacity of the roof structure.
– Producing structural drawings and calculations that illustrate the new structural integrity and code compliance for the new additions as well as the changes to the existing roof structure.

Upon project completion, you will receive the following deliverables:

– Structural Calculations and Analysis Report:
– Structural Drawings Package:
– Detailed structural drawings illustrating the placement of CMU blocks, concrete beams, wooden terrace framing, porch roof support structures, and any other pertinent components.
– All instruments of service shall be sent in form of PDF and CAD file.

The total budget for the project is $200.00. This includes all aspects of the project, such as the structural analysis, calculations, drawings, revisions, and consultations.

Will Deliver the project within 10 Days after Contract starting. Will deliver Project in Step Wise by milestones.

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