Social Media Virtual Assistant for Short Term Rental Property

Hello everyone,
We are currently in search of a dedicated and experienced Virtual Assistant with a knack for social media management. The ideal candidate will be responsible for managing our Instagram account and creating engaging social media ads for our picturesque mountain home, which is listed on Airbnb.

Job Details:
Hours: Approximately 4-6 hours per week
We will send you raw pictures, videos, and a list of local businesses and tourism attractions to feature on social media.
We are a 5 star review property, with 67 reviews and counting! Our occupancy rate is lower than we would like due to the area being remote and not well known. This is the same with other properties in the area. We hope social media and adds can attract more bookings!

– Manage and grow our Instagram account
– Create and manage social media ads targeted at potential renters
– Engage with our online community and respond to comments and DMs in a timely manner
– Monitor analytics to identify viable ideas, and maintain an understanding of what works to engage the audience
– Collaborate with the team to ensure our brand message is consistent

– Familiarity with social media strategies and platforms
– Excellent verbal and written communication skills
– Strong customer service and social skills
– Experience with content creation a plus, even if not professional.

Please note that we are open for someone that does not have previous experience in social media if it presents initiative and desire to grow our audience. We understand not everyone is where they want to be and need opportunities to get there.


noemi doncillo


I’ve been twitter assistant/Social media marketer for almost 10 months. I am industrious, hard-working, an excellent team worker and collaborator, and I can easily prioritise tasks to ensure my employer’s goals are always achieved. I have experience working on time-sensitive projects, dealing with difficult challenges, and communicating with customers and clients.
For example, in my last position, I helped the company increase sales by recommending we should advertise frequently our models on social media. If you hire me, I will be the type of person who always goes above and beyond what is expected, and I will willingly carry out duties outside of my job description.

Whatsapp +639452110886
[email protected]
TG @Noems11

Thank you,


I possess a wealth of valuable experience in the vacation rental industry, having dedicated three successful years to a prominent vacation rental company in Canada. During my tenure, I played a pivotal role in establishing their proprietary rental platform and implementing an efficient vacation rental management system. This experience has endowed me with a deep understanding of the industry, equipping me with strong insights into its workings and best practices. In addition to social media, I possess extensive knowledge of how to maintain high-ranking listings.

I managed a social media account for my personal blog; therefore, I have decent experience in this area. As a designer, I am confident that I can create content to help you grow your audience and attract potential clients.

I can start work at anytime. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing my qualifications further.

Contact me: [email protected]


Hi! Good Day, I’m Hezel.

I came across your post about looking for a delegated worker to help you ease and balance your time. As a person who is in need of experience, I can also help you with your valuable time since you still have lots of work to do. I only carry my experience and character to work on the challenges of life, but I can assure you of a great attitude, perseverance, knowledge, and wisdom to qualify for this position.
I am a self-starter and just started my journey here in freelance, so I’m ready to begin serving as your virtual assistant as soon as possible. I genuinely appreciate your thoughts and attention.
You value your time, and I value experiences; let’s help each other and move forward strongly as we make your company better!

Email → [email protected]
LinkedIn →

Mary Glass

Hello, I will love to help with your task.

Muhammad Umar

Respected Sir/Madam,

I wish to express my interest to apply for the Social Media Virtual Assistant (VA) vacancy.

I can work flexible hours and available to start right away if provided with the employment opportunity. I can easily manage to dedicate 6+ hours per week as per required.

Though i am familiar with various social media platforms (to some extent) but don’t have practical experience when it comes to social media strategies, managing and growing accounts (e.g. Instagram), content creation, ads etc.
However, I am a quick learner and available/willing to learn / get training if there is hiring consideration for non-experienced applicants as mentioned in your ad as well.

I am ready to go the “extra mile” and willing to accept this challenging opportunity.

I hope that you will consider providing me with the opportunity and am looking forward to your reply.

M Umar
Email: [email protected]

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