Social Media Promoter for OnlyFans

Looking for a salesperson with a way with words to promote our clients’ OnlyFans content on social media! We’re seeking an experienced and dedicated social media promoter who can reach out to potential fans and generate leads for our clients.

As a social media promoter, you’ll be responsible for promoting our clients’ content on Reddit and Twitter, engaging with potential fans, and encouraging them to sign up for their OnlyFans accounts. You’ll need to have excellent written communication skills, be passionate about social media, and be able to think creatively to find new and exciting ways to reach our target audience.

In this role, there will be bonuses for every lead you bring in, so we’re looking for someone who’s driven and dedicated to getting results. If you’re a social media guru with a talent for sales and a passion for promoting content, we want to hear from you!

So if you’re ready to take your social media promotion skills to the next level and work with a dynamic and supportive team, then apply now and take the first step towards an exciting and rewarding career as a social media promoter/salesperson in the world of OnlyFans management.


noemi doncillo


I’ve been twitter assistant and a chatter for almost 8 months. I am industrious, hard-working, an excellent team worker and collaborator, and I can easily prioritise tasks to ensure my employer’s goals are always achieved. I have experience working on time-sensitive projects, dealing with difficult challenges, and communicating with customers and clients.
For example, in my last position, I helped the company increase sales by recommending we should advertise frequently our models on social media. If you hire me, I will be the type of person who always goes above and beyond what is expected, and I will willingly carry out duties outside of my job description.

Whatsapp +639452110886
[email protected]
TG @Noems11

Thank you,


Hi! Good Day, I’m Hezel.

I came across your post about looking for a delegated worker to help you ease and balance your time. As a person who is in need of experience, I can also help you with your valuable time since you still have lots of work to do. I only carry my experience and character to work on the challenges of life, but I can assure you of a great attitude, perseverance, knowledge, and wisdom to qualify for this position.
I am a self-starter and just started my journey here in freelance, so I’m ready to begin serving as your virtual assistant as soon as possible. I genuinely appreciate your thoughts and attention.
You value your time, and I value experiences; let’s help each other and move forward strongly as we make your company better!

Email → [email protected]
LinkedIn →


Dear Hiring Professional,

I was thrilled to reach out to you after learning about the job offer. I was excited to notice how well my experience aligned with your company’s needs and position criteria when I reviewed the job description. As an adept Customer Service Associate and Experienced OnlyFans Chatter, I have a well-rounded skill set in developing relationships as well as honed skills in communicating, building relationships with fans, and time management, making me an excellent fit for this position. My prior positions have improved my time management and customer service skills, as well as my attention to detail and accuracy. As an Experienced OnlyFans Chatter, it is fun that I always get a sale by satisfying their needs by sending them PPV or offering sexting, building relationships, and being very keen on details, and it would be great if the model is promoted on the OnlyFans page too. Getting big sales on the model’s account would really make me feel great and make me get a meal for myself after work. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to explore how my expertise and qualifications would be beneficial in this capacity. Thank you for your attention and time. I am very interested in meeting to review your needs and possible solutions I could bring to the table.

Sincerely, Joel P. Dalabajan Jr.

WhatsApp @+639109893542
[email protected]
Discord @joel7408


Hi Abel,

I Would love to join the team.

I have not promoted only fans account yet but have experience working with escorts before. A different niche but still work in the Adult Industry, I used to create high conversion sites for them and marketing plans so they didn’t have to rely on escorting sites to get clients. Social media proved to be a good place to promote their work without getting banned.

I am not an expert on OF, but you know what? I knew exactly 0 about the security Industry but the company I work for started servicing that Industry so I became an expert! Marketing and sales is about learning, optimizing and consistent work. I should know. On my PT job I am the head of marketing and sales!

I work part-time at said dream job and looking to max out my skills and make a ton of money.

I also have a lifetime of getting men to do what I want them to do. 🙂

I know I can increase sales and become a huge earner for you guys. I am not in this for the fun of it, although it is fun, I want to make money!

You can get a hold of me directly via email rossanadickinson13 at g mail.

I am based in Ireland, GMT+1 and have 20 hours per week and’/or blocks of 6-8 hours over the weekend. I work part-time during the week,

Have an amazing day,



Hi! I am a female with no official experience as an OnlyFans chatter. However, I have personal experiences in chatting with men with a monetary reward in mind. I am confident that a job as an OnlyFans chatter is a good fit for me. I can work full-time and I know what strangers on the platform want to hear from the creators. I am confident that I can drive up sales with my wit and sensuality. I am highly engaging and proficient in English. I also have experience in social media management and sales which will be useful in managing OnlyFans accounts. Thank you and I hope to be considered for this position.


Hi! Good day! I am Flexi. 
I spent considerable time carefully reading your job description and learned that you require an assistant to help you with some of the tasks listed there. I would like to apply for that position because I have all the necessary qualifications. I am purely suitable for this role because of the experience, qualities, knowledge, and relevant skills that I have gained in order to meet the requirements of the job description. In particular, my ability to work to tight deadlines, manage my time, multitask, and use my customer service skills effectively makes me a good fit for the role.

I take pride in completing tasks on time and accurately because I’m a professional with a keen eye for detail and good organizational skills. I have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

I am a self-starter with a fully functional home office. Therefore, I’m prepared to start working as your virtual assistant as soon as possible. I sincerely appreciate your consideration and time.

Whatsapp → +639454654664
Email → [email protected]
Resume →

Jean Laudiana

Hello. I wish to apply in your company.I am a hard-working and driven individual who isn’t afraid to face a challenge. I’m passionate about my work and I know how to get the job done. I would describe myself as an open and honest person who doesn’t believe in misleading other people and tries fair in everything I do. I will attached my TELEGRAM incase you want to know more about me.
TG: Jean Laudiana


Onlyfans page link promotion
Driving valuable Traffic to your website
Onlyfans chatter
Onlyfans, and Hub page promotion
CBD Website Advertising
Organic web traffic
Adult web marketing
And more…


I have experience in sexting and have been a chatter for another Onlyfans agency before. I had one model that I was a chatter for and made upsells to her fans every day. I worked around 8 hours in a row + some extra here and there. I am available 7 days a week. This job is a bit different but I am a hard-working and disciplined guy that is willing to learn and do the best work possible for your agency.
Contact me on [email protected]


Stephanie Rosalina
Virtual Assistant for Business Owner.

I help the business owner to ease their workload by managing the admin task, so they can focus on growing their brand!

My services are:
✨Email Management
✨Social Media Management
✨Internet Research
✨Travel arrangements.
✨General Administration.

My achievements and skills include:
– Managed to read & respond approx. 100 mails/day.
– Managed social media post.
– Managed about 30 purchase orders per month.
– Managed approx. 50 new development per season.
– Proficiency in using Ms. Office Suite
– Proficiency in designing tools (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate & Canva).

Email: [email protected]


Dear Mr. Abel,

I am thrilled to submit my proposal for the social media promoter/salesperson position with your company. As a social media enthusiast and content promoter, I am confident in my ability to bring results-driven outcomes to your clients.

My passion for social media and digital marketing has driven me towards a career in content promotion via Twitter and Reddit. With my excellent written communication skills, I am confident that I can create exciting and engaging content that will attract and captivate potential fans, and generate leads for our clients.

I have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results in social media marketing campaigns while ensuring maximum Return on Investment (ROI). My experience in working with a diverse range of clients has equipped me with the ability to think creatively and strategically to promote content and reach target audiences effectively.

I am driven and dedicated to getting results, with a personal commitment to success. Furthermore, I understand that the success of your clients is directly tied to the success of your company. Therefore, I am enthusiastic about going the extra mile to help your clients achieve their goals.

My passion for social media, hard work, and dedication makes me an ideal candidate for this position. With my expertise and talent for sales, I am confident that I can take your clients’ OnlyFans content to the next level.

Thank you for considering my proposal. I look forward to the opportunity, kindly reach me with [email protected] to discuss my qualifications and experience in further detail.


Hello Abel!

My name is Joelle,

What is your email so I can forward you my resume?

This is my email:
[email protected]

Thank you,



Good Day!
My name is Marj Cabatingan. I have read the job description and I think I am fit for the job. I may have no experience but I have a strong positive mind that willing to learn and willing to be trained this kind of job.

I am free to work anytime
thank you so much.

Email: [email protected]


Hi Abel,

Driven Virtual Assistant, specializing in blog & website content writing, copywriting, and social media maintenance. Many years of excellent customer service, utilizing exceptional skills in leadership, collaboration, multitasking, and creative problem-solving.

• Manage calendar agendas and scheduled appointments, including booking flights, hotels, and transportation
• Organize and maintain invoices & expense reporting, e-mails, social media maintenance, and other digital records
• Generate new leads via phone and e-mail using CRM software

Work well in individualized tasks, as well as within group settings.

Any questions, please contact me!

Executive Assistant / Virtual Assistant Needed

Michael Kevin

Hi Good Day, I hope all is well. I have gathered adequate experience and knowledge which I can definitely use to meet the requirements for this position. I possess four years of experience as a virtual assistant and enjoy the variety of work the job brings each day. As a freelance virtual assistant, I currently provide a number of services for my clients including document preparation maintaining files, record keeping, data entry, lead management, prospecting, listing and posting Properties to the MLS and other real estate marketing sites, skip tracing, calling prospective leads to set up appointments, email management, transaction coordination and contract reviews, phone support, setting up showings and administrative work and Social Media Management.

I believed I am worth hiring for I am ready to start the job ASAP. I am confident that I best fit the position because I push myself and deliver. I am responsive and always available. I look forward to being of service not just to do the mundane tasks but also to keep everything in order in your daily activities and be ahead of things. My main goal is to protect the company’s, and your interest for without you my skills will not be of value I make it a point that: Diligence and Dedication are what I live from day to day. I would love the opportunity to transfer these skills to your company as your personal Virtual Assistant. I am a self-starter and have a complete in-home office setup. So I’m ready to begin work as your virtual assistant as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time and consideration
Michael Kevin De Guzman

Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +639457959976
Skype: live:.cid.7b25e0fa13a6a91d


Hey, Abel!

I am handling OnlyFans models for over a year now. I am tied up with several agencies worldwide and promoting for independent contractor models across the globe.

I have up-to-date knowledge in regards with OnlyFans trends, sexting scripts, content roadmaps and content planning. I am fully committed in providing satisfaction and growth for both parties- the fan and the model.

Hit me up on my email if you want to discuss more.
Email: [email protected]


Hey Abel – not sure if this position’s still open. I’ve been handling several social media accounts and I’m well-versed in the entertainment industry and updated trends. I’m highly confident that if we work together we can generate a large number of potential leads.

Do feel free to check my resume, profile, and video through this link –


Hey Abel, I’d love the opportunity to discuss ways we can grow your account, I have worked in this space for two years now and I know I can be an asset to your team. I have some ideas that can really help, please email me on [email protected]


Dear Abel,

I am writing to express my interest in the Social Media Promoter position for OnlyFans that was recently advertised. As a passionate user of social media platforms and a driven individual with experience in online marketing, I believe I am a perfect fit for this role.

I have a deep understanding of the social media landscape and how to navigate it to reach targeted audiences. My expertise in crafting compelling and engaging social media content, coupled with my knowledge of various social media platforms, makes me confident in my ability to help promote OnlyFans and grow its online presence.

I am a creative problem solver and a quick learner, able to adapt to new situations with ease. I possess excellent communication and organizational skills, allowing me to coordinate with team members and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

In my previous role as a social media manager for a lifestyle brand, I successfully increased the brand’s social media following and engagement rate, resulting in significant growth in sales and revenue. I believe I can bring the same level of success to OnlyFans.

I am excited about the opportunity to work with a dynamic and innovative company such as OnlyFans, and I am eager to contribute my skills and experience to help promote the brand.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further.


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