Social Media Creation for Digital Assistant

We are in need of a detail-oriented and proactive digital assistant based in the USA to assist with our social media expansion project. The primary task involves creating Google accounts, then using those to set up and warm up Instagram accounts over a 1-2 day period through scrolling and liking posts.

Key Responsibilities:
Create Google accounts following best practices for security.
Set up Instagram accounts using the newly created Google accounts.
Engage in warm-up activities for the Instagram accounts by scrolling and liking posts to establish activity and engagement.

Must be located in the USA with a good understanding of social media platforms.
Experience in creating and managing social media accounts, particularly Google and Instagram.
Ability to follow instructions closely for account creation and warming up processes.

Competitive pay for a short-term project.
An opportunity to contribute to the growth of an online presence.
Please apply with a brief summary of your relevant experience. We’re looking forward to working with someone who can efficiently handle these tasks with attention to detail and discretion.



Hi, Sara,

I saw your job description, and I am the professional you’re looking for.

My proficiency in technology, working on complex projects for years, as well as creating and managing digital accounts with the utmost security and strategic insight, can aid in this challenge. This enables me to offer rapid, thorough project executions. I am proposing a rate of $750 for this project, with a commitment to detail-oriented work, efficiency, and significantly enhancing your online presence.

Would you be open to discussing how my tech-savvy approach can drive the success of your project?


Hello Sara,
I hope you are well.

I’m new to the Workopa platform, but I have over 18 years of experience in digital marketing and account management, including managing accounts with a $50,000 per month investment in Ads, creating contingency accounts for blockages, and conducting new tests. I’m excited to apply for the job posted here. I live in Florida and meet all the requirements you’re looking for.

My ability to create and engage accounts in a secure and strategic manner allows me to deliver quick and comprehensive results. I propose an offer of $750 for this project, ensuring attention to detail, efficiency, and a significant contribution to the growth of your online presence.

Shall we discuss how I can contribute to the success of your project?

Evelyn Gregorio

Joyce Mugure

I am well equipped and ready to dive into work right now.


I’m available


Hey Sarah,
I am writing to express my interest in the digital assistant position. I am excited about this opportunity because it seems like a perfect match for me. As a digital assistant i would be responsible for providing administrative support as well as creating emails, for IG accounts and email management. In addition to my administrative skills i also have a strong background in customer service. I am looking forward to hearing from you and working with you.

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