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Is this for you?
*You will be required to learn our proven Sales System
*This is a remote position that has flexibility
*NO COLD CALLING involved.

Our Philosophy:
If you are coachable and are passionate about improving your current situation, you will be able to find tremendous success. As long as you are willing to learn new skills and follow our system, you will not fail.

Basic Job Description:
I am looking for a Client Relation/SDR appointment setter who will; call our clients who have requested information, set an appointment, and deliver required information accurately to agent. As well as, follow up client requests.

What You Can Expect from this Position:
*Receive consistent training
*Enjoy the support of mentors and coaches
*Enjoy a unique and positive company culture where leaders lead with their heart
*Cultivate leadership qualities and achieve personal growth.

Are You:
*ambitious and self-driven
*willing to learn new skills
*willing to learn from others
*passionate about helping others
*Someone who has a desire to excel in everything he or she does
*Someone who has an excellent work ethic and a high level of integrity

*Are You the One We are Looking for?



Hi David,

Are you looking for an appointment setter and a sales personnel to join your team? Lucky you because I can handle this and more.

In my last role, I helped the company increase sales by recommending different ways they could promote their products and services on social media. I am very good at responding to emails and phone calls. From answering questions about a company’s products or services to organizing and planning, helping customers with complaints and questions, Processing orders and transactions, documentation and report writing, managing customers’ contact lists, and responding to product or company reviews.

I would love to get together and talk through your project and what’s important to you.

Are you free for a call now?

Please reach me at
[email protected]


My name is Damaris, a self-proclaimed sales funnel expert with honed sales skills and proven sales track record in Kenya. I would love to have further discussions to see how my skills and competencies can be used to add value and bring positive Return On Investment in your company. Reach out to me on [email protected] or +254(705)-842-224.

Christine Joy

My name is Christine Joy Tamayo.
I have some experience in marketing and sales and teaching. During my first employment, I was selling Smart and Globe prepaid communication sim cards and became an online sales agent selling a variety of goods online, including food, drinks, clothing, and appliances. Additionally, I have had my own small business, selling owned goods from the United States, South Korea, and Japan before the pandemic. Recently, an online freelance, real estate agent in Iloilo City, specializing in rural and urban properties and teaching English to foreigners including Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, and Taiwanese both online and offline at the same time managing different Facebook businesses and community organizations pages.

When it comes to managing tasks and resolving customer-related issues, I consider myself to be quite trustworthy. With my degree of responsibility and independence to complete the tasks given to me without bias, you can depend on me to move forward with my projects promptly. In addition, I’m a great communicator when it comes to making proposals and doing product demonstrations. I always make sure that my clients are at ease using whatever communication method. By exerting extra effort to complete duties, discover answers, and address potential client difficulties, I am resourceful and proactive as well.
I can multitask by keeping things going forward and managing several clients without feeling rushed. I consider myself to be reasonably organized, especially when it comes to maintaining a solid schedule, setting priorities, and working quickly. I am particularly tech-savvy. I have produced a lot of visual content for my online businesses and gigs because designing graphics and photos using Canva software and other necessary tools is my hobby. By using different software, I can quickly study and increase my knowledge, and I’m eager to learn more in the future with your company’s assistance.
Email: [email protected]
Skype: live:.cid.73c3e40f8cc54ab1


Good Day!
I’m interested in the role since it will let me use my abilities and knowledge to support your organization’s objectives. I am a self-driven and customer-focused account associate with over two years of experience in the telecommunications industry. A proven ability to meet goals, build relationships, and provide excellent customer service. During the pandemic, I worked as a lead generation expert (seasonal account) for a business loan provider.

Lorena Brazil
[email protected]

Jenne Augustin

Hello David
I write to express my interest and request consideration for this job. I am professional, a fast learner, always willing to learn new skills and passionate about helping others.
I look forward to work and excel in this job. Thank you

Shakeilla Green

Hello David, I am excited and interested in being a part of this job. I am a faster learner, and I am ego to learn new things, learning new thing improves my knowledge and understanding so I enjoy it a lot, I am also a multitasker and as a self-motivated person I am willing to be successful in this job, thank you for your consideration.

Ada Dike

I am always interested in learning and even learning new things. I am also more interested in helping clients grow their business and adding value to my interests.
I would love to be considered for this role, and you can set up a call with me by using this link

Nic Doucette

Hi David,

I am interested in learning more about your position. I have over 15 years of experience in sales and sales management. I am the owner of a digital marketing company that provides sales consulting services, as well as content creation, social media marketing & management and copywriting.

I’m always open to learning new industries and collaborating with other sales professionals to learn new skills.

Thank you,


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