RSS + Trello API Integration

Node.js Developer needed to automate posting jobs from multiple Upwork RSS feeds to corresponding Trello lists

I am seeking a Node.js developer to create a script that automates data from multiple RSS feeds to corresponding lists on a Trello board.

– Fetch multiple RSS feeds and parse the data.
– Create a mapping between each RSS feed URL and a specific Trello list.
– For each job in each RSS feed, create a new card on the corresponding Trello list.
– Each Trello card should use the feed title as the card title and the feed description as the card details.
– Handle the asynchronous nature of these tasks correctly and add basic error handling to ensure the script does not stop in case of an error.
– Handle possible rate limits from both RSS Feed and Trello API.
– Maintain a record of jobs already posted to Trello to prevent duplications.
– Set up the script to run on a schedule, e.g., every hour, or as frequently as makes sense while respecting rate limits.

⭐️ Good to haves:
– Good knowledge of JavaScript, specifically Node.js. Experience with packages such as rss-parser, trello, and any other necessary ones for this task would be useful. If not use chatGPT to help you. I’m a developer so I can help you if needs be too.

– Some experience with API usage, specifically understanding the process of calling APIs, handling responses, and error management.
– Knowledge of RSS feed parsing & Trello
– Experience with developing schedulers and cron jobs in Node.js.
– Ability to write clean, maintainable, and well-documented code.
– Good communication skills and decent English.

⭐️ Deliverables:
– A Node.js script that automates posting job feeds from multiple Upwork RSS feeds to corresponding lists on a Trello board.

– Documentation for the script, including setup instructions and any necessary explanations for the code.

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