Project management/Virtual Assistant

I’m an experienced project manager and virtually assistant



Hey, Great day! I trust everything is great. I have accumulated sufficient experience and information, which I can involve to meet the prerequisites for this position. I’ve worked in fields, for example, health care coverage, strong clinical hardware, business credits, information passage, and as a remote helper.

As an independent menial helper, I now give various administrations to my clients, including report planning, keeping up with documents, record keeping, information passage, leading the board, prospecting, posting, and presenting properties on the MLS and other land showcasing destinations, skip following, calling forthcoming prompts set up arrangements, email the executives, exchange coordination, contract surveys, telephone support, setting up appearances, and managerial work.

I personally merit recruiting on the grounds that I am free to quickly start work. I’m certain that I best fit the position since I propel myself and convey. I’m responsive and consistently accessible. I anticipate helping out, to do the unremarkable errands as well as keeping everything all together in your day-to-day exercises and being in front of things. My principal objective is to safeguard the organization and your inclinations, for without you, my abilities won’t be of much worth. I make it a highlight experience every day with perseverance and commitment. I would adore the chance to move these abilities to your organization as your own menial helper. I’m a self-starter and have a total in-work space arrangement. So I’m prepared to start functioning as your remote helper quickly.

Many thanks for your time and thought.

My Resume:
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +63 9165614498
Skype ID: live:da8d02b70ee3a9ab

Best Respects,
Rudgen Gocila


Project Management / Virtual Assistant.

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