Post Production Documentary

🎬 Job Opportunity: Post Production Documentary Editor (Spanish Speaker) 🌿 With storytelling experience

Logline: After decades as a Brazilian-American climate advisor protecting the environment and human rights for the U.S. government, main character returns to the Amazon in the face of a climate-related disaster, exploring her identity and roots.

Are you passionate about storytelling and the rich biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest? I’m seeking a skilled Documentary Editor fluent in Portuguese to work side by side with the director to finish the Final Cut!

🔍 Responsibilities:

– Edit and assemble footage for compelling documentaries on Amazonian ecosystems through the story of a native Brazilian

– Ensure seamless integration of Spanish-language interviews and narration with Spanish and English.

– Collaborate with the production team to maintain the cultural authenticity of the content.

📋 Requirements:

– Proficient in video editing software (Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc.).

– Fluent in Portuguese/Spanish with a strong understanding of Amazonian culture.

– Previous experience editing documentaries or nature-focused content.

💡 Bonus Skills: Color corrections and sound

– Familiarity with environmental issues and conservation narratives.

– Ability to work with a diverse team and adapt to evolving project requirements.

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